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Scientific publications

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# Büchler R, Costa C, Hatjina F, Andonov S, Meixner MD, Conte YL, et al. The influence of genetic origin and its interaction with environmental effects on the survival of Apis mellifera L. colonies in Europe. Journal of Apicultural Research 2014;53:205–14. [ doi:10.3896/IBRA.]
# De la Rúa P, Jaffé R, Dall’Olio R, Muñoz I, Serrano J. Biodiversity, conservation and current threats to European honeybees. Apidologie 2009;40:263–84. [ doi:10.1051/apido/2009027.]
#Jensen AB, Palmer KA, Boomsma JJ, Pedersen BV. Varying degrees of Apis mellifera ligustica introgression in protected populations of the black honeybee, Apis mellifera mellifera, in northwest Europe: INTROGRESSION IN NORTHWEST EUROPEAN BLACK HONEYBEES. Molecular Ecology 2004;14:93–106.[ doi:10.1111/j.1365-294X.2004.02399.x.]