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Anticipating what you will need in the near future and having the appropriate equipment ready before you need it, will save you many a headache. Moreover, keeping all of your equipment in good and clean shape will prevent [[Infectious diseases and parasites|diseases]] from spreading from hive to hive through your equipment.
'''Spring'''<br />
You should get the equipment ready for the season. This includes:
* sorting combs in boxes, including prepared [[wax foundation frames]]
* preparing extra bottom boards, hive bodies, and roofs to make nuclei from swarming and non-swarming colonies
* preparing a couple of swarm boxes for [[Catch swarm|catching swarms]].
'''Early Summer'''<br />
For early summer, you should prepare hive boxes with an appropriate number of [[wax foundation frames]]. Additionally, you will need some extra bottom boards, hive roofs, and hive bodies with wax foundation frames for managing swarming colonies.
'''Mid Summer'''<br />
The drone rearing usually stops in mid-July. The next [[varroa ]] control, then, is carried out in [[Formic acid or thymol|August]] . You should prepare materials and equipments for:
* harvesting, extracting and storing the honey yield
* feeding the honey bee colonies
* [[Check varroa level|controlling the Varroa varroa mites ]] after harvesting.