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Spring inspection

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#* a small portion of sugar candy placed over the bees to conserve their heat or
#* a feeding frame inside the hive body as the first frame from the edge and 50% sugar solution.
# Quick evaluation of the number of adult bees, which can also be done in conjunction with [[oxalic acid treatment]]. Notes are made on how many [[beeways{{#info: A beewayis the space between the combs in a hive. |beeways]] <icon> }} are occupied by bees in every colony. This is also a preliminary estimation for individual colony management in June.
In Finland, on [[Parainen Island]], the beehives are not opened for a proper inspection until it is very warm weather; between 15 and 17 ℃. Often this does not happen before June. The brood area (the frames) is kept strictly in the same order during all of spring and during the early summer season.