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Hive construction and bee yard

As all other bees in nature, A. m. mellifera bees have adapted to nesting in natural cavities like hollows in tree trunks. Later on during domestication, bees were kept in straw skeps. Nordic brown bees can be kept in standard beehives like Langstroth or Låg Normal hives. Some hobbyist beekeepers have started using different kinds of log hives and straw skeps during in situ conservation work. In addition, some adapted models of the Kenya top bar hive and Ware´ hive have been used to keep Nordic brown bees. In any case, the most comfortable way is to start with standard beehives and then try special types of hives after you’ve gotten more experience and skill.

  • Nordic bees need less room for overwintering. One “Langstrooth” or “Låg Normal” hive with 10 combs or one “Norsk” hive with 8 combs has more than enough room for overwintering.
  • The hive’s technical constitution is the same as with the other subspecies’ during overwintering.
  • The bees can also be kept in under ventilated (net bottom board) hives, and the plastic sheet on the frames during winter
  • Nordic brown bees tolerate bee yards in colder places better than other bees.