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This wiki will only be a useful resource for Brown bee beekeepers, if it contains up to date information and different perspectives. We hope that you are interested in contributing to this wiki. To get started on adding or editing existing text, you will need to create a login for yourself. To do this, please click on the "Create Login" link in the upper right corner of the wiki. Then fill out the form that appears. You can freely chose your login name and password. You now have a login name and a password to log in to the wiki.

To edit pages you have to click on the edit tab. You can then edit and add to the text. You will notice that there are some odd characters here and there, which are used to format the text. For example, if you want the text to appear italic you need to type two single apostrophes ' ' before and after the text you want to appear italic.

Description You type Displays as
Italic text ' ' italic ' ' italic
Bold text ' ' ' bold ' ' ' bold
Link to wiki page [[ Catch swarm ]] catch swarm
Link to wiki page with different text displayed [[Catch swarm | here]] here
Link to an external webpage with different text [ here] here

If you put an asterisk * at the beginning of a line, it is turned into a bullet point.

* bullet point 

appears as

  • bullet point

And a # at the beginning of a line displays as a numbered list

# numbered list

displays as

  1. numbered list