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Keeping brown bees

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Because of long-term adaptation to the Nordic environment, the Nordic brown bee also has some special features in its physiology, behavior, and in its responses to the environment. All this must be taken into account during the management and handling of the bee colony. This wiki is designed to help you find practical and suitable management techniques for keeping Nordic brown bees.
If you’re considering keeping Nordic (''A. m. mellifera'') bees, you don’t have to start with them. You can, by all means, learn the basic skills of beekeeping with other subspecies, like Italian (''A. m. ligustica'') or Craniolan (''A. m.c arnica'') bees, and change your bees to ''A. m. mellifera'' bees later. Please keep in mind though, that this wiki contains information specifically tailored to Brown bees.  One reason one might want to start with another bee subspecies is that they are more widely found and thus easier to obtain. Furthermore one should find out what type of bees are already found in the vicinity of where one wants to establish a bee yard. [[Crossbreeding]] is a danger and at least uncontrolled hybridization should be avoided.