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Keeping brown bees

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If your aim is professional honey production, you should consider choosing bees other than Nordic brown bees. WHY? But if the conservation of a rare subspecies of bee and the associated cultural heritage is something that you would enjoy being a part of, then the Nordic brown bee is for you!
If you have decided to get ''A. m. mellifera'' bees, you have to find a [[Nordic brown bee breeders | Nordic brown bee breeder]]. Keep in mind that you don’t have to have an entire colony of Nordic bees at first. Instead, you can just get a pure ''A. m. mellifera'' queen and replace the queen in an existing colony with that queen. The new queen will then produce new offspring of her own subspecies in a couple of months, and the whole colony will gradually turn into Nordic brown bees. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to introduce an ''A. m. mellifera'' queen to a different subspecies’ colony. For some advice on this issue, check [[here]].