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Scientific publications

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* Roffet-Salque M, Regert M, Evershed RP, Outram AK, Cramp LJE, Decavallas O, et al. Widespread exploitation of the honeybee by early Neolithic farmers. Nature 2015;527:226–30. [ doi:10.1038/nature15757.]
* Soland-Reckeweg G, Heckel G, Neumann P, Fluri P, Excoffier L. Gene flow in admixed populations and implications for the conservation of the Western honeybee, ''Apis mellifera''. Journal of Insect Conservation 2009;13:317–28. [ doi:10.1007/s10841-008-9175-0.]
* Tofilski A. Using geometric morphometrics and standard morphometry to discriminate three honeybee subspecies. Apidologie 2008;39:558–63. [ doi:10.1051/apido:2008037.]
* Uzunov A, Costa C, Panasiuk B, Meixner M, Kryger P, Hatjina F, et al. Swarming, defensive and hygienic behaviour in honey bee colonies of different genetic origin in a pan-European experiment. Journal of Apicultural Research 2014;53:248–60. [ doi:10.3896/IBRA.]