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Scientific publications

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* Tofilski A. Using geometric morphometrics and standard morphometry to discriminate three honeybee subspecies. Apidologie 2008;39:558–63. [ doi:10.1051/apido:2008037.]
* Uzunov A, Costa C, Panasiuk B, Meixner M, Kryger P, Hatjina F, et al. Swarming, defensive and hygienic behaviour in honey bee colonies of different genetic origin in a pan-European experiment. Journal of Apicultural Research 2014;53:248–60. [ doi:10.3896/IBRA.]
* Whitfield CW, Behura SK, Berlocher SH, Clark AG, Johnston JS, Sheppard WS, et al. Thrice Out of Africa: Ancient and Recent Expansions of the Honey Bee, Apis mellifera. Science 2006;314:642–5. [ doi:10.1126/science.1132772.]